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A reliable alternative power supply can save your business. Of course, it’s normal not to think of alternative power. Until it’s too late.

Conduit Electric specializes in establishing alternative emergency power systems with generators, battery back-ups, and combinations of the two for uninterrupted power supply.

Many of our clients need alternate power supplies for cooling of data rooms that cannot exceed certain temperatures without risk of damage, or to keep products frozen or chilled.  The need for emergency back-up systems ranges from hospitals, ISP providers, commercial and public buildings requiring emergency egress lighting pump stations (that just can't afford to go down), to the local florist or deli.  Many residentail clients often request an alternative power source to heat their homes during a possible winter power outage.

Conduit Electric has over 20 years experience installing various types of generators from large commercial applications to the home environment. We work with both portable and stationary units. In addition to generator installs, we also provide power conditioning and manual transmission. Our service usually encompasses the following steps:

#1 – Identify the need
#2 – Consult various options
#3 – Design and build the system

We handle all aspects of building a custom design suitable to your needs. We work with vendors to get the best prices – and we’ll work with you to build a secure, dependable alternative power source you can trust…should the need arise.

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